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Hey there and welcome to the show.
I hope you enjoy browsing through the many wonderful bears offered for adoption and maybe even one or two may find their forever home with you.

If you fall in love with any of my creations but they have already been adopted please don't hesitate to contact me as I might be able to make you one the same or similar.

Cheers Lyn

All enquiries or to join my mailing list contact me at

Percy - Adopted


"Percy"       4 1/4" - 10.5cm

Made from Sassy Percy looks through English glass eyes.
He has both needle and scissor sculpted facial features as well as shading.
Percy has an embroidered nose and is filled with premium polyester and stainless shot making her free standing.
He wears a handmade cowboy hat and wool bandanna.
Percy comes with his handmade hobby horse.